Prison Free Press (PFP) is a Not-for-Profit Organization that publishes two 'Free' ($0) quarterly magazines by and for prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their loved ones in Canada.

These publications are dedicated to providing a space for those in prisons and their supporters to communicate with each other and the broader public about the issues & challenges that prisoners experience through art, poetry, stories, news, support resources, health and harm reduction information.

Current Issues:

Class Action News

CAN #16 - Winter 2019-20

A magazine by & for the
Prisoner Class & Loved Ones

CAN Mailout Dates

JAN 1, APR 1, JUL 1, OCT 1

Women's Prison Network

WPN #17 - Winter 2019-20

A magazine by & for Women,
Trans, Youth & Loved Ones

WPN Mailout Dates

DEC 1, MAR 1, JUN 1, SEP 1

How to Print these Magazines:

  • These zines print double-sided on 4-5 pages of regular paper.
  • Then it's folded in half, resulting in 16-20 sides.

Full printing instructions are detailed here:

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